Beacon Community Acts Fund

Beacon Community Acts Fund

Beacon College established the Beacon Community Acts Fund to provide essential emergency financial aid to students experiencing economic hardships. From lost jobs, income reductions, and other obstacles, some of our Beacon College students and their families are struggling to meet basic living expenses. Internet and remote learning technology expenses to facilitate distance learning further burden families.

The Beacon Community Acts Fund provides immediate grants to our students facing COVID-19-related hardships and unplanned financial expenses. The fund also helps the College stand in the gap for students experiencing urgent and unforeseen hardships that have financial consequences. Through this compassionate relief, we can ensure these students can remain enrolled and continue their educational journey.

This fund is essential to helping relieve Beacon students of daily financial pressure and stress. It is important to note that only 30 percent of our students are from Florida. The remaining student body hails from 36 states and eight foreign countries. Travel expenses alone could prevent students from returning to school next semester.

Beacon College appreciates your donation of any size. Every dollar counts as we come together to ensure Beacon students can continue to pursue their educational goals.

Other Ways to Give

Beacon College is growing a legacy of offering world-class educational and academic experiences at an institution highlighted by its dedication and services to students who learn differently. The friendly campus embraces small town culture and is emboldened with the vision to keep living the promise.

There are many ways in which one can make a charitable contribution and donation to Beacon College. Whether it is an outright gift of cash, remembering the College in your estate, or alumni supporting the annual fund, this page will guide you through your gift giving opportunities.