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Michele Patestides

Learning Specialist (Freshman/Sophomore)

352-638-9716 Ext. 116mpatestides@beaconcollege.edu


  • M.S. from Nova Southeastern University in Varying Exceptionalities
  • B.A. from Barnard College in Program in the Arts

About Michele Patestides

Michele Patestides is a Freshman/Sophomore Learning Specialist and Academic Advisor. Since 1996, she has taught and worked in education at various institutions, including many years as a Learning Specialist/Academic Advisor and Instructor at Beacon College. At Beacon, Patestides co-developed and taught Learning Essentials and Self-Discovery and founded the Beacon Peer Tutoring and TA Program. A passionate advocate for students with neurodiversity, she provides weekly one-on-one student support in her Learning Specialist/Academic Advisor role. Additionally, she enjoys teaching mindfulness meditation classes and serves as the Beacon Community Mindfulness Club co-advisor. Patestides has been featured as an expert and quoted in various media outlets and has appeared on the “A World of Difference: Embracing Neurodiversity” television show.

Honors and Awards

  • Professional Certified Coach from the University of Central Florida
  • Professional Certification in Fundaments of Neurodiversity from Florida State University
  • Beacon College President’s Award in 2013 for Program Development: Peer Tutoring and TA


  • Patestides, M. (2017). Academic Mentoring for Students with Learning Differences: The Cornerstone of Post-Secondary Student Success. In Teaching Students with Learning Disabilities at Beacon College: Lessons from the Inside (Chapter 5). New York, NY: Peter Lang Publishing, Inc.