Beacon Salon Lecture Series – Dr. Zachary Isrow

“Let Me Google That!: Epistemic Responsibility and the Future of Scholarship”

Zachary Isrow LectureLecture: Knowledge comes at a price and whoever possesses some knowledge becomes responsible for covering that cost. Epistemic responsibility is the term used to denote the duty one has respective to the knowledge they possess. The central concern is this: what knowledge am I required to know, to share, or to keep to myself? In a digital world, epistemic responsibility becomes clouded, but also expanded. Ignorance is no longer an acceptable option – not when at the touch of a button the knowledge to overcome that ignorance is readily available. This lecture will discuss how the digitalization of knowledge affects epistemic responsibility and in turn, how this presents an opportunity shift for scholars of the future.


Bio: Dr. Zachary Isrow is a philosopher and humanities coordinator and an assistant professor at Beacon College in Leesburg, Fla.. Beacon College is a nonprofit liberal arts school and America’s first accredited baccalaureate institution dedicated to educating primarily neurodiverse students with learning disabilities, ADHD, dyslexia, and other learning differences.

His has been published in numerous journals and he has spoken at several international conferences. He currently has two books under review at university presses. He has worked in the areas of philosophy, anthropology, and cosmology.

Prior to his tenure at Beacon, Isrow served as an adjunct professor of philosophy at Kishwaukee College in Malta, Ill., where he taught Introduction to Philosophy courses.

Isrow earned a bachelor’s degree in philosophy from Aurora University. He holds a master’s degree in liberal arts (philosophy specialization) from The University of Chicago. He earned his Ph.D. at Alma Mater Europaea in Maribor, Slovenia. His Ph.D. studies focused on philosophical anthropology, human nature, ethics and political philosophy.


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