CANCELLED – Beacon Salon Lecture Series – Christopher J. Irving

Beacon Salon Lecture Series - Christopher J IrvingLecture: Thomas Wolfe wrote that “You can never go home again,” but seriously, sometimes you can never go home again. The number of places across America that are losing inhabitants seeking greener pastures, gentrifying beyond affordable price ranges, or simply being outgrown and abandoned to ruin might be increasing, but is it too soon to tell? That said, there’s sometimes a beauty in the worlds that are created in the aftermath. This presentation will explore some of the major factors that create these strangely beautiful places of abandonment, in both literature and reality, some of which are in our own backyard.

Bio: Christopher J. Irving is a humanities instructor at Beacon College where he teaches literature, composition, rhetoric, and creative writing.He holds a Master of Fine Arts degree in creative fiction/nonfiction with a focus on sci-Fi and fantasy literature, as well as a bachelor’s degree in English literature and film & multimedia communication.

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