Beacon Salon – Dr. Joan R. Cartwright

“Blues Women: The First Civil Rights Workers”

Joan Cartwright discusses how black singers in America emerged from spirituals and blues to develop jazz. Their free-spirited songs delivered messages of liberation, signaling to Africans in America that they could be free. Besides being effective entertainers, “blues women” provided the primary means of healing of the human spirit.

About Dr. Joan R. Cartwright:
Dr. Joan Cartwright is an internationally-known vocalist, composer, and author of 14 books. She holds a bachelor’s degree in music and communications, master’s degree in communications, and DBA in Business Administration/ Marketing. Since 1997, Cartwright has been the CEO of FYI Communications, Inc. and, since 2007, her non-profit, Women in Jazz South Florida, Inc. promotes women musicians globally. In 2016, WIJSF released its 6th CD of the music of women composers. Her personal CDs are “Feelin’ Good” (1995) and “In Pursuit of a Melody” (2005). In June 2019, she launched the first physical edition of Musicwoman Magazine.


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