Florida Ecology and Conservation (ANZ1326) TA

Position Type: Part-Time
Pay Rate and Length: $11/hr./One Semester – Fall 2023/Spring 2024

Reports to: Bryan Cushing
Department Name and Location: Anthrozoology Building, Anthrozoology Lab

Position Overview:
The Florida Ecology and Conservation (FEC) Lecture TA will help students understand the source materials by answering questions in the classroom and providing hours of inquiry outside of the classroom weekly. The TA will take an active interest in class and adequately prepare as needed using the source materials in order to better serve the students.

Primary Functions:
TA must be present and attend to students’ needs during class time, responding to those who raise their hand or otherwise indicate that they need support. TA will at times check for the presence and/or completion of certain assignments, take attendance, pass out worksheets or other learning materials, and help the instructor to keep a well-structured class going.

Responsibilities and Duties:
TA must be punctual when reporting to each class and be knowledgeable about what the instructor is teaching from week to week. If ill or otherwise unable to attend class, TA must email the instructor to let them know of their absence. TA will confer with the instructor if he/she/they are uncertain about the parameters of an assignment or course material in general. TA will report to the instructor and let them know of any concerns or problems they have experienced outside of the classroom with student(s) as necessary.

TA must complete the Florida Ecology and Conservation (FEC) Lecture with a C+ or better prior to becoming a TA. Any grade lower than a C+ must conference with Mr. Cushing. TA must demonstrate maturity, a willingness to help other students, patience, and academic interest in and familiarity with the course material that the instructor will present.

The employee may be asked to perform duties not listed in the job description but which are considered to be essential to the employment position.

Job Category: Student Worker

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