Coordinator of Career Advisement

Position Reports to: Director of Career Advisement, Development, and Partnership

Specific Responsibilities: The Coordinator of Career Advisement shall be responsible for performing the following functions and activities:

  • With support from the Director of Career, Advisement, Development, and Partnership, establishing and implementing a Career Advisement strategic plan, including short- and long-term goals, objectives, policies, benchmarks, and operating procedures;
  • Represent the Career Center at Open House events, Parents’ Weekend events, and other events as feasible and when directed by the Director;
  • Compiling data from a variety of sources for the purpose of evaluating program success and/or compliance with administrative requirements;
  • Meet weekly with Career Advisors for one-on-one supervision to ensure effective program planning, administration, and assessment;
  • Provide information for performance reviews of the Career Advisors;
  • Attend bi-weekly team meetings with Career Center Staff, Career Development Faculty, and Career Development Integration Manager;
  • Establish friendly, professional rapport with students to minimize anxiety and maximize student engagement and success;
  • Provide individualized career counseling, advisement, planning, and navigational support to students, based on their level of need and classification, via in-person and Zoom appointments;
  • Help students develop and refine major-specific resumes and cover letters;
  • Help students navigate the online job search and application process;
  • Assist students in preparing for interviews and career fairs;
  • With support from the Coordinator of Career Partnerships, assist students in locating an approved internship site related to their major;
  • Through collaboration across Beacon College, connect students to on- and off-campus job fairs, programs, services, resources, and employers;
  • Through collaboration across Beacon College, reinforce skills development in areas of weakness related to career development such as time management, executive functioning, organization, planning, and interviewing;
  • Document all student interactions and monitor ongoing student progress related to discussed, assigned, and mandatory career development tasks;
  • Maintain accurate student records using Cloud-based software to enhance customer service and support student success;
  • Exhibit professionalism in a customer service-oriented environment;
  • Participate in all required College-wide and Divisional meetings, training, and events as made known by institutional policy, the Board of Trustees, the President, the Provost and/or the Director;
  • Seek and engage in professional training (with the Director’s approval, if required by College policy) to develop/enhance knowledge and skills that will benefit individual and communal performance in all institutional areas;
  • Become familiar with all College policies and procedures and complying with these policies and procedures; and
  • Perform other duties as assigned.

Degree Requirements: Bachelor’s Degree in Related Field, Master’s Degree preferred.

Job Category: Staff

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Beacon College is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Applicants are considered for employment and promotion without regard to race, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender history, marital status, family status and responsibility, political and religious conviction, impairment or pregnancy.