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Hurricane Update – September 6, 2017

| Beacon News, Emergency Updates

As news reports have affirmed, Hurricane Irma — a massive storm–  is tracking towards the Sunshine State.

Given that, the College is hoping for the best, but planning for the worst. That involves our necessary preparations for a potentially damaging storm.

To that end:

  • Classes will end at noon Thursday, Sept. 7 and not resume before September 13 (longer if damage and repair efforts warrant). The College’s website and social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, and Google+) will provide updates on when classes will resume.
  • Any student leaving campus today through next Tuesday must inform either their learning specialist (or if unavailable, a college administrator). Students who intend to ride out the storm on campus must also declare their intentions in the same manner.
  • The Chopping Block will remain open for its normal hours — unless weather conditions warrant that students shelter in place.
  • For residential students, and those with non-campus housing in the Leesburg area, the Student Center will serve as a residence shelter beginning at 11 p.m. Friday, Sept. 8. Food will be provided for the Beacon community.
  • Should conditions dictate as Irma approaches, College officials may require students leave their on-campus residences and shelter in the safety of the Student Center until conditions improve.

Rest assured, in the coming days, the College will continue monitoring Irma’s path and revising/updating plans to best safeguard our students and the Beacon community.

Hurricane Irma Storm Track - Sept 6 2017