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Hurricane Update – September 12, 2017

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Dear Beacon Community and Families:

This morning, the College focused on assessing damage and preparing our buildings and campus to resume scheduled Wednesday, September 13, classes.  With power now restored to all major buildings and residences, we feel confident that we can resume our daily routines.

Intermittent interruptions with the internet and Wi-Fi may persist; however, our full IT staff is busy resolving post-storm issues.  The College’s telephone system is operational.  Tuesday’s evening meal will be served at the Chopping Block and run according to its regular schedule thereafter.  The Student Center has resumed its normal operating hours of 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

We understand that students returning to campus may experience travel delays.  We have anticipated this likelihood – professors are aware of this – and we will exercise flexibility in accommodating returning students.  Our greatest priority is their safe return to Beacon.

In closing, I extend my profound thanks to the Beacon employees and those of Sodexo-Beacon who prepared for and oversaw the details of the College’s response to Hurricane Irma.  Our students and campus were protected throughout the ordeal by the selfless acts of many – especially representatives from our Academic and Student Affairs Division and Resident staff, Campus Safety, Facilities and Dining, Counseling, and the Learning Specialists in the Center for Student Success.  A particular note of appreciation is due to Drs. Shelly Chandler and Kerry Greenstein, our Provost and Dean of Student Affairs, whose leadership guided the campus throughout the weekend.


George Hagerty
President, Beacon College