Embracing the Measures that Keep Us Safe: Open and Regular Communication 

As Beacon enters the 2021-2022 academic year, the fundamentals of what have kept us safe, individually and collectively, remain a top priority for us all: frequently washing our hands and maintaining good hygiene, taking good care and ensuring the cleanliness of our private and public spaces, answering the daily wellness questions before going to class or work, and staying at home or in the College residence when we don’t feel well.

It is also important that the College maintains regular and open contact with our constituencies — our students and employees the most prominent among these. This has been a priority since the profound impact of the pandemic on Beacon College and the country became clear in late February 2020. The RCI cannot be executed without the College’s reaching out openly to inform and allow for feedback from students, parents, employees, and others whose interest are embraced by Beacon’s mission. Prominent among our comprehensive communication efforts (both prior to the RCI and now during its implementation) have been:

  1. Beacon maintains an updated web presence, readily accessible from its homepage. This College-authorized site supplies a broad range of timely, comprehensive, and detailed information, including the full RCI document, as well as the daily updated campus wellness scale.
  2. The effective use of the College’s social media platforms, including the Beacon College Facebook page, the Beacon College Parents’ Facebook page, Beacon’s Instagram platform, and, occasionally, Twitter.
  3. The updating of the MyBeacon App, available for downloading from the AppStore (for iPhones and iPads) and the Play store (for Android devices). This application for mobile devices will serve students (and others) with navigating the College’s campus, programs, and resources, with a menu devoted as well to COVID-relevant information and reporting.