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  • Q: What considerations are in place to reduce the risk of exposure in student housing?

    A:  Below is the list of considerations to reduce the risk of exposure in housing:

    • Single resident per room when possible. (Most new students will have a private room). Students still must share common areas and restrooms.
    • Students will be asked to commit in writing to a cleaning rotation or schedule with their apartment mates. The judicial process will be used if necessary, to enforce the frequent cleaning schedule. Open training with the life skills educator will be available or required for students who may have difficulty abiding by all hygiene standards. Routine room inspections will be used to monitor cleanliness and safety.
    • Students are expected to wear cloth face masks in common areas.
    • Signage will be posted regarding proper hand hygiene and students are expected to follow the recommendations.
    • Hand sanitizer will be available in common areas of the dorms.
    • Cleaning by Beacon staffers will be conducted in all common areas and high-touch surfaces throughout the day.
    • Restrictions will be placed on events and social activities based on keeping six feet for physical distancing.
    • Seating will be reconfigured in common areas to ensure proper physical distancing.

    Restrictions will be placed on building access by non-residents (students not living in the building).

  • Q: Will you provide directions, supplies, reminders, etc. for students to sanitize shared spaces and bathrooms in suites and apartments?
    A: Yes, there are reminders about cleanliness posted across campus. Housing staff will also remind students of the importance of maintaining clean and sanitary personal spaces. Families are reminded to provide students with the traditional cleaning supplies.
  • Q: How will the move-in process proceed?
    A:  We are currently looking at several options and will have a decision by July 10.
  • Q: What is the policy regarding outside guests in student housing?
    A: There will be restrictions on building access by non-residents (students not living in the building).
  • Q: Will there be a laundry attendant to monitor laundering facilities?
    A: The residential directors will monitor the laundry rooms.


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  • Q: How will parent visits to campus (especially from COVID-19 hot zone states) and student trips home be managed?
    A: Governor Ron DeSantis’s executive order implementing Phase 2 of Florida’s COVID-19 response enables students to travel to Florida for any work, programs and activity approved by their educational institution. Beacon has extensively examined this situation and has produced a comprehensive plan and protocols for students, staffers and visitors designed to maintain a healthy campus. We will survey students upon returning, monitor their health conditions, require students to wear masks and maintain appropriate social distancing.
  • Q: Will the college reduce non-essential travel?
    A: The college currently is limiting nonessential travel for faculty, staff, administrators, and students.
  • Q: What is the campus visitor policy?
    A: All campus visitors will be required to check in at one of four designated locations, undergo a temperature check and wear a protective mask.


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