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As the worldwide Coronavirus outbreak has evolved, Beacon College has monitored, prepared, and taken action to protect the health and safety of our students and staff. Beacon continues to monitor the situation closely and to adjust our response as necessary.  As always, our primary concern is for the welfare of our students and employees.

Please continue to monitor this page for updates.

Closing out an Uncommon Semester with Strength and an Orientation toward the Future:
The Capstone Period

Of the many priorities that test American colleges and universities in the midst of the COVID-19 emergency, none may be more consequential than: (1) assuring that our mission is realized, even in unprecedented circumstances, and (2) that we and our students close every semester with purpose and, now, with an orientation and helpful foundation to anticipate a “new normal” that may await in the months, even years, ahead.

The College recognizes that the spring semester of 2020 was a moment of disruption and transition for all, especially our collegians. In closing out this semester, we have decided to purposely devote the final two weeks to a focused culmination of what we have accomplished academically and developmentally as a foundation for the future. Neither the theme, nor content of the “Capstone Period” we have envisioned requires additional assignments or work by students. In the true meaning of Capstone (a final touch, a crowning achievement, a culmination), this two-week span of time is intended to foster reflection on what has been learned in each course and how each student has developed through the range of services provided to support our undergraduate program.

Our intention here, whether it is finalizing your academic efforts or closing out this year’s work with Learning Specialists, Counselors, as well as Student Affairs or Career Development professionals, is to assist each student in preparing for the semester or career to come. We believe that it is the College’s obligation to ensure the maximum opportunity for each of our undergraduates to transcend what has been an admittedly challenging moment for our community despite the disruptions that have unfolded.

Please take time to explore the hyperlinks below, especially those designated in red, to see how each academic and co-curricular department of the College is coordinating its offerings and activities to close out strong as a final touch, even a crowning achievement, for the spring semester.

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Latest Update

Coronavirus Information

  • Community Update – June 3, 2020 The COVID-19 emergency tested the fabric of Beacon and all American higher education as never before. I believe that we measured up remarkably well individually and as a community united. We now are called — even as we take the unsteady early steps to define and navigate a “new normal” — to fix our vision and courage on setting an uncompromised course. And so, this communication will address an ambitious future: Beacon’s, yours, and ours together. This letter includes two important announcements: (1) a decision on the summer and fall calendars, and (2) the College’s efforts to enhance academics and our “high-touch” residential undergraduate community. Continue reading

Who To Contact

Our departments are available to answer your questions during the coronavirus epidemic. Please consult the directory below for specific departments.

Personnel Contact List

Department Name Contact info
Registrar’s Office Carrie Santaw
IT Issues or 352-638-9774
Counseling Dana Manzo
Library Tiffany Reitz
Cathy Lutes
Shauna Nandkissore
Housing Matthew Harding
Dr. Kerry Greenstein
Career Center Theresa Elliott
Dr. Melody Duckins
Writing Center Rick Davidson
Dr. Ray Nault;
Renee Williams
Learning specialists / Academic Advising Sheryl Nichols
Travel or Study Aboard Dr. Shelly Chandler

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