Beacon Student Artist Awakens Belief in Universal Truths of Human Equality

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I have a dream. Fight the power. Make love, not war. The volatile 1960s peppered American culture with a wealth of activist and countercultural slogans. Another refrain has gained traction in today’s social powder keg: being woke. “Being woke,” notes Urban Dictionary, means “being aware … knowing what’s going on in the community.”

Reinventing the Holidays

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Dr. Nicki Nance, a licensed psychotherapist and an assistant professor of human services and psychology at Beacon College in Leesburg, FL, the first higher education institution to award bachelor’s degrees exclusively to students who learn differently, offers advice on changing it up this holiday season — without starting World War III in the December issue […]

Beacon College Board of Trustees Appoints Three to New Leadership Roles

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LEESBURG — Beacon College appointed three holdover members of its 11-member Board of Trustees as officers: Brian T. Cobb, vice president and treasurer at the Charles F. Kettering Foundation; Sarah Flanagan, vice president for government relations and policy development at the National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities; and Hugh W. Thompson III, retired president […]