Water World

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Tourism may be the heartbeat of Florida, but clean freshwater is the state’s lifeblood. When millions of thirsty Central Floridians and visitors around the Sunshine State crave an antidote for the sizzling summer sun, they often turn to a tall, cool glass of aqua from down under. Not Australia, but rather aquifers. These are “vast […]

Living in the Moment

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All truly great thoughts are conceived by walking. – Friedrich Nietzsche Mindfulness helps us freeze the frame so that we can become aware of our sensations and experiences as they are, without the distorting coloration of socially conditioned responses or habitual reactions. – Henepola Gunaratana Seeing teenagers haunting the local strip mall, plunking down allowance […]

Movie Magic …

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It was sadistic. Cruel. Torture. Erik Day stood Monday at a whiteboard segmented with the words “Pre” and “Post” catching and scribbling down video production concepts that his nine students tossed at him. Writing, props and casts fit under “Pre.” “It starts on the page and not on the stage,” Fisher said. Then, Fisher turned […]

Beacon Professor Sounds Off in Central Florida 100

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Dr. AJ Marsden, an assistant professor of psychology and human services at Beacon College, the first higher-education institution accredited to award bachelor’s degrees primarily to students with learning degrees, ADHD, and other learning differences, makes her debut in The Orlando Sentinel’s Central Florida 100. Read all about it.

Put your hands together … for learning fun

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After keeping their noses to the grindstone in their studies during the day, students in Beacon College’s Summer of Success program need to unwind.  Wednesday night, at the gazebo at the Village Apartments, Beacon’s casting guru — eager to help students blow off steam — decided to give them a hand. Actually, their hands.  Russell […]

Marsden Joins Orlando Sentinel Stable of 100 Opinion Leaders

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Beacon College psychologist Dr. Andrea “A.J.” Marsden was selected by the Orlando Sentinel to join its prestigious collection of regional thought leaders who opine in print and online in the weekly feature “Central Florida 100.” The popular feature, described at OrlandoSentinel.com as a podium where “Central Florida’s most influential people weigh in on current events,” […]