Anthrozoology Students Erect First Colony for Purple Martins

| Faculty
Purple Martins

In February, Beacon College’s Anthrozoology department — perhaps channeling Motel 6 — left the light on for North America’s largest migratory swallows.  Backed by a $750 grant from the League of Environmental Educators in Florida, Beacon anthrozoology students erected the college’s first purple martins (Progne subis) colony. The Beacon colony was installed at Beacon Commons due to the proximity of people, natural areas, and available food sources.

Beacon Art Professor Explores City-Country Junction in New Exhibition

| Arts, Faculty
Russ Bellamy

Beacon College studio arts chair Russell Bellamy explores the intersection of urban and bucolic life in his new exhibition at the Webber Gallery at the College of Central Florida. “Pre-Conception” melds industrial materials and processes into challenging works that comment on labor, sociological/psychological structures, and behavioral expectations.

Nesbitt Enlarges Story of B-Movie King Corman in New Book

| Faculty
Dr. William Nesbitt

Like the titular characters from his classic horror flick “Humanoids from the Deep,” the Hollywood tales about the man behind it and scores of other B-movie gems keep on coming. Again, Beacon College humanities professor Dr. William Nesbitt has a hand in telling the story. Roger Corman’s New World Pictures, 1970-1983: An Oral History, Vol. […]

Beacon Educator Gives Back to Alma Mater and Education through Mentoring

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Rosemarie DeJarnett

Beacon College humanities instructor and University of Central Florida alumnus Rosemarie DeJarnett is returning (virtually) to her alma mater for a yearlong mentorship to share hard-won wisdom about educational best practices with aspiring educators. DeJarnett applied and was selected a mentor for the UCF College of Community Innovation and Education Alumni Mentorship Program. Participants guide teaching candidates and first-year teachers through their inaugural year in the classroom, she said.

Rourks Scores Editor Slot with Prestigious Online Journal

| Faculty
Leigh Rourks

Dr. Leigh Camacho Rourks has added a notch on her quill. Rourks, an assistant professor of English and humanities at Beacon College, was named an assistant fiction editor at storySouth. Launched in 2001, the magazine exists to showcase the best fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry from writers from the new south with a focus on promising new writers.

Beacon Experts Go Full Steam Ahead on STEM for Virtual Conference

| Beacon News, Faculty

Several Beacon College faculty members and administrators participated last month in the Postsecondary Day strand of the National Science Teacher’s Association’s STEM 20 virtual event. The Postsecondary Day strand on July 30, featured sessions, panels, and presentations focused on the latest developments and insights on enhancing STEM education.

Nesbitt Contributes to Oral History of B-movie King Corman

| Faculty
Dr. William Nesbitt

For Beacon College humanities professor Dr. William Nesbitt, writing books about legendary B-movie king Roger Corman is like eating Lays potato chips: He can’t stop with just one. In his second outing, Nesbitt serves as an associate editor on Roger Corman’s New World Pictures (1970-1983): An Oral History Volume 1.

Beacon History Professor Named Fellow at Northwestern U Holocaust Institute

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Christopher Huff

Dr. Christopher A. Huff was accepted as a fellow for the 25th The Holocaust Educational Foundation of Northwest University Summer Institute on the Holocaust and Jewish Civilization. Originally slated for this summer, the event has been rescheduled to summer 2021 because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Sponsored by the Holocaust Educational Foundation of Northwestern University and […]

Beacon Anthrozoologist Named Chair of Global Conservation Fund

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Michelle Szydlowski

The Colorado-based Katie Adamson Conservation Fund recently named Beacon College anthrozoologist Michelle Szydlowski chair of its board of directors. Denver zookeeper Dave Johnson founded the organization in 2014. He named the fund for conservationist Katie Adams. An aspiring zookeeper, Adams was diagnosed with bone cancer during her first semester at Colorado State University. At age […]