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This is an interactive map of the Beacon College campus. Click any of the numbered areas in the map to learn more about it.

Campus Map
Admissions Office Mason Art Center Athletic Field Beacon Commons Village Apartments Resnick Alpern Plung (RAP) Hall Fitness Center Compass Center IT/Security Career Development Art Annex Counseling Building Administrative Annex Center for Student Success Center for Student Success Annex Ryan Ehrlich Mitchell Memorial Student Services Center Leesburg Library Navigator Café Chopping Block Anthrozoology Laboratory/Academic Mall West Beacon College Library/Academic Mall East Beacon Hall Leesburg Police Leesburg Fire Department Woodward Apartments Durand Garden Athletic Field

Admissions Office

Functions: Admissions and Financial Aid

Facilities: Administrative Offices

Fun Fact: This is where you begin your journey at Beacon College.

Mason Art Center

Kristen Michelle Mason Art Gallery
103 E Main St, Leesburg, FL 34748, USA

Functions: Art Exhibition and Creation

Facilities: Gallery; Classrooms/Studios (painting and drawing, clay, metal, wood, glass)

Fun Fact: There’s always something to see—and a chance to get your hands dirty

Athletic Field

104 E Meadow St, Leesburg, FL 34748, USA

Functions: Athletics and recreation

Facilities: Open Space

Fun Fact: With no permanent equipment, you can let your imagination run wild.

Beacon Commons

Beacon Commons

Functions: Student Housing (juniors and seniors with vehicles)

Facilities: 2 bedroom apartments housing 3 people, each with living room, bath and kitchen; separate laundry facilities; gazebo; BBQ area

Fun Fact: Across the highway from the main Beacon campus, Beacon Commons can truly be your home away from home.

Village Apartments

Village Apartments

Functions: Student Housing (sophomores and up)

Facilities: 2, 3 and 4 bedroom apartments, each with living room, bath, kitchen and laundry; gazebo; pool; basketball court

Fun Fact: You’ll have to buy your own groceries, but everything else you need is already in the kitchen.

Resnick Alpern Plung (RAP) Hall

Functions: Student Housing (students new to Beacon)

Facilities: 15 living suites (5 student rooms, 2 bathrooms, common space); laundry facilities (each floor)

Fun Fact: RAP Hall is the first residence designed and built especially for Beacon students.

Fitness Center

Functions: Individual Fitness; Intramural Sports; Fitness Classes

Facilities: Common Space with Weight Machines; Bench Press Room with free weights; Cardio Room; Open Room for Yoga, Zoomba and Other Classes

Fun Fact: Built in the late 19th century as the Leesburg railroad station

Compass Center

Compass Center

Functions: Writing Center; Reading Center; Faculty and Student Affairs Offices

Facilities: Common Space with Writing Accommodation Technology; Classroom; Administrative Offices

Fun Fact: Before the College acquired it, this building housed an American Legion Hall


Functions: IT, Security, Transportation

Facilities: Office Space

Fun Fact: Students may never visit this building, but its work is essential to almost everything we do here.

Career Development

Career Development Center

Functions: Career Counseling; Career Resources (including internship and job opportunities)

Facilities: Common Area; Computers; Specialist Offices; Conference/Meeting Space

Fun Fact: Even alumni are welcome to use Beacon’s Career Services

Art Annex

Functions: Art Studio

Facilities: Metal shop, woodworking shop, kiln.

Fun Fact: Whatever your favorite medium, you’ll have a chance to explore it here—and make a mess.

Counseling Building

Functions: Mental Health Support & Talking Things Through

Facilities: Private consultation rooms for 3 counselors

Fun Fact: Whatever you need to talk about—homesickness, overwhelm, roommate issues—the counseling center is here for you.

Administrative Annex

administrative annex

Center for Student Success

Center for Student Success

Functions: 1:1 and Group Tutoring; Learning Specialist Sessions

Facilities: Common Area; Individual Tutoring Rooms

Fun Fact: Annie Oakley once lived here

Center for Student Success Annex

Ryan Ehrlich Mitchell Memorial

Functions: Quiet Contemplation

Facilities: Small garden; seating

Fact: Donated by Ryan’s parents to provide a quiet place for students to enjoy.

Student Services Center

Student Center

Functions: Social Center; Clubs and Activities; Mail and Package Center; Student Services Administrative Offices

Facilities: Lounge with comfortable seating, large screen tvs, billiards, air hockey, foosball, ping pong; classroom; kitchen; health office; administrative offices

Fun Fact: Beacon has more than 30 clubs (and students can start their own)

Leesburg Library

Functions: Public Library

Facilities: Extensive collection of books, periodicals and online reference material

Fun Fact: Check out the Annie Oakley statue behind the library and try to discover the story behind it.

Navigator Café

Functions: Socializing and Snacking

Facilities: Snack bar, vending machines, beverage dispensers

Fun Fact: The Navigator Café is named for Beacon’s mascot, the Navi-Gator

Chopping Block

Chopping Block

Functions: Eating, Socializing

Facilities: Dining Areas; Kitchens; Cashiers

Fun Fact: Weekly theme days, chosen by students, feature coordinated food, decorations and music

Anthrozoology Laboratory/Academic Mall West

Academic Mall West

Functions: Houses Academic Department Anthrozoology

Facilities: Classroom; Learning Laboratory with housing for animals; Hydroponic Garden; Faculty Offices

Fun Fact: A range of rodents, reptiles, amphibians and birds call this building home (and they all have names)

Beacon College Library/Academic Mall East

Functions: Houses Books & Periodicals, Online Resources & Mathematics Laboratory; Houses Academic Departments: Computer Information Systems and Business Management

Facilities: Common Area; Quiet Study Spaces; Private Study Rooms; Classrooms; Computer Labs; Beacon College History Display. Classrooms outfitted with Windows computers, Mac computers; Faculty Offices

Fun Fact: We have a huge collection of books on learning disabilities to help students learn about their own conditions. If you have a PC and want to try out a Mac or vice versa, this is the place to do it!

Beacon Hall

Functions: Administrative Offices, Welcome Center

Facilities: Receiving Area; Classrooms; Registrar; Bursar; Offices

Fun Fact: Built in 2013 to replace one of the original campus buildings

Leesburg Police

Functions: Public Safety

Fact: Proximity to the police station helps keep the Beacon campus safe.

Leesburg Fire Department

Functions: Public Safety

Fact: Proximity to the fire station helps keep the Beacon campus safe.

Woodward Apartments

Functions: Student Housing

Facilities: 2 bedroom apartments housing 3 people, each with living room, bath, kitchen and laundry

Fun Fact: This quietest of all Beacon residence facilities is adjacent to the Leesburg tennis courts (free access!).

Durand Garden

Functions: Relaxation, Leisure, Contemplation

Facilities: Seating areas; garden; water features

Fun Fact: Durand Garden was created as part of a gift from a local resident.

Athletic Field

Functions: Athletics and recreation

Facilities: Open Space

Fun Fact: With no permanent equipment, you can let your imagination run wild.