Partlow Fights the Good Fight of Keeping Florida for Florida Plants

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Remy Partlow (center in red plaid shirt) stands with her invasive plant-busters. By Darryl E. Owens Over the decades, Florida has fallen hostage to numerous flora and fauna, from mammoth pythons that have inspired annual snake hunts to iguanas that plunge coldcocked from treetops when the mercury drops. Florida is for Floridians, reckoned Remy Partlow. […]

Ingram to Bring a Little Broadway to Summer for Success Program

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As associate director of enrollment services, Chrystol Ingram makes sure students at Beacon College successfully complete their application process and secure financial aid. But after her work is done, a whole different side of Ingram comes to life. This side is steeped in faith and also carries a message of hope through gospel music, a legacy passed down to her through family and church.

Reed-Daly’s Winding Journey Shows Success Delayed is Still Success

| Alumni Spotlight
Heather Daily

As a child growing up in suburban Philadelphia, Heather Reed-Daly worked hard to fend off failure in school. Though wrestling with dyslexia and other learning issues, she managed to graduate from high school, took a job at a car dealership and thought she’d put formal schooling behind her. Then came Beacon College.

Her mother, a registered nurse, was on a professional trip to Florida in 2010 when she discovered Leesburg-based Beacon — the country’s first accredited undergraduate school for students with learning disabilities. One thing led to another and in the spring of 2011, Reed-Daly began her freshman year.

Today, she is Beacon’s assistant director of admissions, a position she has held since September 2019.

Masters of the Masterpiece: Senior Artists Wow in ‘Big Reveal’ Exhibit

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Two Beacon seniors showcased their art bona fides in April with their senior portfolios during an exhibition at the Kristin Michelle Mason Art Gallery at Beacon College. In his exhibition, titled “Sentiment,” Anthony Manzano-Lee presented 10 disparate works, while Emily Marra showed off her artistic chops with “Undiscovered Changes,” an exhibition of 17 pieces.

Alumna Turned Educator Pays Forward Beacon Care and Compassion in her Classroom

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By Richard Burnett Each day, Emily Abramson stands at the side of preschool children with learning issues whose emotions run the gamut from sadness to gladness. As an early childhood education professional, her task is to help them crack the code of their challenges and reach their potential. Part-tutor, part-counselor and part-teacher, Abramson knows the […]