Alumni Reunion

In lieu of a formal Alumni Reunion, Beacon College invites alumni to attend on October 5 as part of Beacon’s 30th Anniversary Celebration. Events include:

  • Luncheon with President Hagerty – 11:00 AM
  • Beacon Showcase – 1 PM

Registration is required. Please register by October 1, 2019.

Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

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Alumni Reunion 2018

Alumni Reunion was a great experience for all. Thanks to all our alums who attended!

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This year’s speaker:

Lucas Boyce

Lucas Boyce is a published author, political strategist and professional speaker. He serves clients and organizations in the fields of politics, policy, communications, faith, education, foster care and adoption.   Prior to becoming a strategist and political consultant, Lucas was appointed to a number of different roles with the Orlando Magic over the course of seven years. He served as Director of business development, community relations, multicultural insights, cause marketing, and government affairs.

Prior to the Magic, Boyce served at the White House in the Office of Political Affairs.  Boyce also spearheaded proactive communication, public relations and education outreach among diverse communities, constituencies and issues on behalf of the President.

During his tenure at the White House, Boyce also served in the Office of Public Liaison. In this role, he served as the President’s principal liaison to the African American community in addition to leading outreach to the professional sports industry and collegiate sports. His work also provided an opportunity to work in the fields of healthcare and economic policy.  Prior to this, Boyce worked for Direct Impact, a public affairs firm in Alexandria, Virginia.

Lucas is the author of Living Proof: From Foster Care to the White House and the NBA, published in January 2011. Learn more by visiting He travels across the country giving speeches focused on leadership, team work, overcoming obstacles, and making a positive impact on the lives of others.

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