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Steven Adams

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Steve Adams, Beacon College AlumnusClasses of 2003 (liberal arts) and 2008 (computer information systems)

Employer: Natrona County School District
Occupation: Special Education Assistant in the Classroom and classified educational substitute in various educational areas
Home: Casper, Wyoming

Alumni giving is critical to the long-term health of colleges and university.

Not only does alumni benevolence directly enhance college infrastructure, boost competitiveness, and bolsters prestige, but it’s also a signal to potential donors that the college’s graduates believe with their hard-earned dollars that the college is worth supporting.

Steven Adams gets it. He’s been a donor for 11 years, and his 57 gifts to Beacon College (so far) total $9,523. And Adams faithfully gives monthly.

Here’s why.

Q: Why did you attend Beacon College?

A: I chose to attend Beacon College because it was the only college that offered a four-year baccalaureate program to students who have a diagnosis of a learning disability. Plus, for me, with a traumatic brain injury, I struggled through school with keeping up with other students and with my academics. I found Beacon College and I learned about all the accommodations and support that Beacon offered. I thought Beacon College was dream come true. Yes, I’ve tried regular university and community colleges locally in Wyoming. I could comprehend the material and I could keep up with assignments. Plus, I wasn’t given any help or accommodations at these other colleges. My first visit to Beacon College was truly a miracle. All my questions were answered, and my learning style was tested, and all my educational difficulties were met head on with open arms and the highest rate of support and care.

Q: What did you gain from Beacon College?

A: The gains that I gained from Beacon College I cannot put it into words. Here are some examples and facts of what I’ve gained from Beacon College:

  • Leadership skills
  • Interpersonal communication skills
  • Knowledge of my personal learning disability and how to use different resources and apply them in my learning and in the real world.
  • Critical thinking skills
  • I learned that I have a voice and learned how to speak up for my needs and how to speak publicly and professionally in the work world.
  • Independence skills and how to live and survive on my own without having to depend on others making important life decisions out in the world.
  • Problem-solving skills — how to step back and look at each situation differently and apply my problem-solving skills.
  • Self-awareness: Accepting who I am as an individual with a learning disability. Also, learning to accept that the future is not going to be a smooth highway all through life. There are going to be rough stretches with blockers in my path, and I must learn to take alternative routes to get where I want to go or achieve.

Q: When did you start giving as an alumnus?

A: Spring 2010

Q: Why do you give?

A: I believe in giving back a personal donation and setting time aside to help and support the next generation of students and alumni. When I give back to Beacon College, that money goes toward research, scholarships, and new facilities, among other things. It helps increase the stature of the college, making it a better place.

When I stepped back and took a closer look at the range of activities undertaken by Beacon College, I saw that my donations create opportunities that accommodate the personal interests of every student. This can include funding cutting-edge scientific research, providing scholarships for deprived students, or supporting arts, cultural and sporting activities on campuses. Plus, my donation will help to pay for new technology, new computers for students who may not have the ability to provide funds for a new computer. Also, as an alumnus, I choose to donate valuable time to offer career support to current students. This enhances the students’ experience and gives them that competitive edge in today’s tough job market. I also feel that I can help students get placed at their respective organizations.