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It’s been a long journey but after being in Americorps NCCC FEMA corps years ago that helped me grow as a person even more so , I am happy to be back at Beacon College and finishing with my bachelors degree in Anthrozoology here at Beacon. I’m so happy to be finally finishing school with a degree relating to the field I have wanted to get into since I was little and that I believe will help me aim my dream careers of working with sea animals and ocean conservation. I currently am still getting the hands on experience at different aquariums and working on projects that have to do with the sea and wild life conservation and I am also PADI Scuba divers certified and I also volunteered for different organizations and events that do not have to do with my career path as well for I believe in trying to help the world while we are able to do so. Success is not easy, but I am realistic enough and self driven and I believe this all will come together sometime later!

Meanwhile, I accepted the Marine Mammal Training Internship at Clearwater Marine Aquarium, but I also was offered an internship position at Georgia Aquarium with the Sea Lions Department! I’m excited to start my internship at ClearWater Marine Aquarium as a Marine Mammal Training Intern in Spring 2019!