Applying for Financial Aid

2022-2023 Financial Aid Calendar

Filing the FAFSA is the most important step you can take to achieve an affordable education.

To be considered for need-based aid, nearly all colleges and universities require the Free Application for Student Aid (FAFSA). The FAFSA determines your eligibility for federal and state grants and loans, as well as need-based aid from Beacon and select other programs.

No application is needed to apply for Beacon College’s limited merit-based financial aid awards. These awards are based on a review of your application and supporting materials.

Getting Started

Current Students

If you currently receive aid or wish to be considered for aid, you must file a new FAFSA each academic year by March 1. Contact Beacon’s Office of Financial Aid for help.

  1. Do not wait to be admitted to Beacon to file the FAFSA.
  2. You can submit your FAFSA for the upcoming year beginning October 1.
  3. Collect and have ready necessary documents/information:
    • Students/Parents may use the Data Retrieval Tool to expedite completion of their FAFSA
    • Social Security Number or Permanent Resident Card
    • W-2 records for each job worked this year (for both student and parents/guardians)
    • Income tax information (for both student and parents/guardians)
  4. Create your student and parent Federal Student Aid ID (FSA ID) — needed to electronically sign your FAFSA — at
  5. Complete and submit your FAFSA for free at
    • The FAFSA should always match the next year you’ll be in college and attending classes (For Fall 2023, use the 2023-2024 FAFSA; for Spring 2023, use the 2022-2022 FAFSA)
    • When you file, be sure to include Beacons’ federal school code: 033733

If the FAFSA does not cover any recent change in your family’s financial situation, such as a job loss, divorce or death in the family), please contact Beacon’s Financial Aid Office. You can schedule a convenient time at: (Please be sure to complete your Beacon College Application and FAFSA prior to scheduling a consultation so that we can best assist you!)

IRS Data Retrieval Tool

The FAFSA now uses tax income information from two years prior. If you filed your taxes electronically, you can now automatically upload your IRS tax return information directly to the FAFSA using the IRS Data Retrieval Tool.

Verification Forms

You can find the 2022-2023 verification forms online here. Forms for 2023-2024 will be available shortly.

Next Steps

Net Price Calculator

Only the FAFSA can provide accurate aid information. However, Beacon’s Net Price Calculator (NPC) can help you get a better sense of your actual costs. The NPC is a federal standard for estimating your college expenses as a first-time, full-time student.

Note: Because the NCP requires much of the same information needed to file the FAFSA, many families find it faster and easier to simply file the FAFSA.

Once you’ve submitted your FAFSA, what happens next?

  • A Student Aid Report (SAR) will be sent to you at the e-mail address you provided on the FAFSA about 3-5 days after submission. This same information also is sent to Beacon and any other college you indicated on the FAFSA. Your SAR features a summary of your FAFSA and a calculation of your Expected Family Contribution (EFC), which is the number used to calculate your federal student aid eligibility. Review your SAR to see if any corrections or additional information is needed. You can also access your SAR at
  • Some students are selected by the federal government to participate in the verification process. If you are selected (which will be indicated on your SAR), you will need to submit all requested documents to Beacon’s Office of Financial Aid to verify the data supplied on your FAFSA as well as a Verification Form.
  • Beacon will produce a Financial Aid Award Notification using your FAFSA results. It will display your itemized costs and aid. It also will outline payment options and other helpful resources.
  • A Beacon financial aid representative will call you to discuss your award and any concerns or questions you may have.
QUESTIONS? Our Financial Aid FAQ has the answers to many of the questions you may have about financial aid.