New Student Orientation

Spring Orientation 2023

New Student Orientation at Beacon College is a transitional program for new and incoming students designed to welcome our students into the Beacon College community and help them acclimate to campus and academic life at the College.

Please note: New student orientation is a required program for all new and incoming students. Parent & family orientation is optional for Beacon parents and family members. All students and families must schedule their check-in time and RSVP for the parent & family orientation.
Schedule Check-In

New Student Check-in

January 13, 2023

This check-in is specific to students who did not participate in the Navigator PREP program. During check-in, you will take your student ID photo, receive your room key, and complete all remaining College processes required. Explore the one-stop resource page to view all mandatory forms that must be completed prior to arrival. Faculty, staff, and student leaders will be on hand to answer questions.

New Student Orientation

January 13, 2023 through January 15, 2023

During Orientation, you will meet your Learning Specialist and learn about student life, academics, and safety and well-being through a series of orientation sessions, panels, and learning opportunities. As part of a peer group, you will have the chance to engage in campus events, meet new classmates, get to know faculty and staff, learn your way around Beacon, and learn how to be a successful Beacon student.

Parent & Family Orientation

January 13, 2023 through January 14, 2023

While families are not required to attend Orientation, there will be family-specific programs available during Orientation. Parent & Family Orientation sessions will be offered both in-person and via livestream.


Have a question about New Student Orientation? Need more information? The Director of Student Experience is here to help! Send your questions to Hanah Diebold at or call (352) 638-9740.