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Founded in 1989 by parents seeking a better option for students who learn differently, Beacon College was the first in the nation accredited to award bachelor degrees exclusively to students with learning disabilities and ADHD. The College has grown significantly over the years, but one thing that hasn’t changed is its commitment to student success. Beacon continues to add research-based programming designed to support students who learn differently on their journey to college and beyond. Since 2018, we have supported more than 1000 students and families on their journey to colleges nationwide.

As part of this continued mission, we have expanded to offer partnerships and programming to like-minded schools and organizations who support students and families. We have developed a number of custom partnerships for high schools across the country looking to improve college placements and outcomes, for education consultants and organizations who want to enhance their programming for clients, and for colleges seeking to improve first-year freshman outcomes.


  • Assessment of schools’ college preparatory and transition supports, including transitional framework and objectives, assessments and tracking tools, skill-based curriculum, and other consulting as needed
  • Professional development opportunities for education professionals, for those working with students who learn differently on their transition to college
  • Partnership on curriculum design, designed for your student population and their learning or transition needs
  • Self-discovery course curriculum, designed for high school or early college students who learn differently to understand their unique approach and leverage their strengths for college success
  • Co-branded re-selling of Beacon’s transition services, offering our personalized and custom solutions to your organization or clients
  • Student assessment and worksheet consulting, to provide schools and educators with data-driven tools to evaluate student transition preparation, progress or success
  • Corporate orientation/onboarding assessment & consulting, designed to improve accessibility for new employees with learning differences

Our team consists of six college transition experts with various specialties, all with many years of experience working one-on-one with students, presenting at parent workshops, and partnering with educators and families. Beacon College can share the resources and expertise built on more than 30 years working exclusively with students who learn differently – in order to help you achieve our shared goal of supporting students who learn differently.

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