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Mastering Executive Function and Social Skills in Every Phase of College Life

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Our unique College Coaching program partners college students and their families with an expert in transition planning to help students master the essential skills needed to thrive in their college environment.

This one-to-one virtual program is open to new, continuing or transitioning students who are pursuing an associate or bachelor’s degree in any year or program of study at any college. It is designed to help students manage the social environment, academic rigor and independence of college life. For first-semester students, College Coaching provides the stability and support of an expert guide to their personal college transition, helping to solve problems and build the confidence necessary to achieve their post-secondary goals.

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  • A family-centered model that includes regular communication with families on student performance and identifies areas of concern and suggested intervention
  • Once or twice weekly hour-long virtual coaching sessions with experienced transition counselors
  • Tailored coaching services based on each student’s unique executive function and social skills needs and challenges; available from first year through graduation
  • An optional on-campus visit to evaluate student performance in real time and connect students with available campus resources and staff

Our College Coaching service builds on the strategies of our acclaimed Navigator PREP programs, using evidence-based methodologies to provide individualized support in such areas as executive function, social learning, emotional regulation skills and family systems.

Please note: This program is not designed for students attending Beacon College. Beacon’s Foundations and on-campus degree programs include wraparound transition, executive function and personalized support services that encompass the above benefits.

Areas of Focus

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Adapting to the college environment

Beacon’s team of multi-disciplinary transition counselors assesses the student’s college environment for available resources and support systems in relation to student needs – both academically and socially – and help the student recognize and leverage these resources.

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Executive functioning skills

An expert transition counselor works with each student in domains of executive functioning that need development, such as academic planning, understanding expectations, problem-solving, self-advocacy or appropriate study routines.

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Student-family communication

This program eases anxiety between students and families during times of college transition or struggle. Families receive regular updates on student progress toward academic goals or areas of concern as well as guidance on supporting their student to independent college success.

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Watch a Virtual Information Session:
On July 25 we recorded a virtual information session for fall 2023 College Coaching! Ashley Milito, director of Navigator PREP, provides an overview of the program, including 2023-24 program dates and deadlines, costs and scholarships, and a live Q&A.

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