Breakthrough Semester for Visiting College Students

Breakthrough SemesterAre you a currently enrolled college student experiencing challenges in your academic studies? “Get back on track” with this uniquely structured program at Beacon College.

If your undergraduate record has been compromised by your learning difference, Beacon College’s Breakthrough Semester can help you “get back on track” at an accredited college. During this semester-long program, you’ll pursue a course of study and targeted plan of action that will give you new skills, perspectives, and ambitions — and help you secure or regain solid academic footing.

As a Breakthrough Semester participant, you’ll learn how to:

  • Make the most of your intellectual talents;
  • Identify your personal learning style and strengths;
  • Activate and reinforce core academic skills and habits;
  • Forge a course of action for future college success;
  • Reset your academic and career trajectory;
  • Build your basic academic skills; and
  • Thrive as a valued member of Beacon’s welcoming living-and-learning community.

Breakthrough Semester Features Three Key Components

  1. Targeted and Individualized Learning Path
    Before admission to the program, you will discuss, in-depth, your individual academic background and your challenges and goals with a Beacon College learning specialist from our Center for Student Success & Career Development. Throughout the course of your semester at Beacon, you will meet with your learning specialist at least once a week — more often if you prefer — to develop a plan of action and strengthen specific learning skills essential for your progress.
  2. Guided Self-Discovery in the Classroom
    Your unique learning style drives the way you look at and respond to the world around you. During the Breakthrough Semester, your classes will help you better understand your learning difference(s), how you can leverage your learning style for greater classroom performance, and how to improve your capacity for self-advocacy and essential communication skills. The Core Breakthrough Semester Curricular Sequence Includes:

    • COE1100 Learning Essentials & Self Discovery
      Learn how your choices directly impact your opportunities for greater success in college and life. Topics include accepting personal responsibility, discovering self-motivation, mastering self-management, employing interdependence, gaining self-awareness, adopting habits of life-long learning and self-advocacy, developing emotional intelligence, believing in oneself, and identifying individual learning styles and effective learning strategies.
    • PSY2841 Positive Psychology
      This course is a course on the scientific study of positive experience, specifically, the strengths and virtues that enable individuals and communities to thrive, also known as Positive Psychology. The course will be based on the belief that individuals want to lead meaningful and fulfilling lives, to cultivate what is best within themselves, and to enhance their experiences of love, work, and leisure. This course will include a review of a positive view of human functioning along with a review of the sub-discipline’s contributions to traditional research and practice areas in psychology. Specific emphasis will be placed on science and its applications with regard to topics such as human strengths, happiness, gratitude, flow, optimism and hope, wisdom and courage, positive affect, resilience, coping, friendship and love, positive psychology in organizations, clinical psychology and psychotherapy, and positive development across the lifespan.
    • ENG1101 College Composition with Writing Lab (if needed)
      Learn how to be a better writer by developing critical thinking strategies while writing multi-paragraph essays. Individual writing assistance is available through the Robert & Jane Weiner Writing Center.
  3. A Plan for Success

    With the support of your professors and learning specialists at Beacon you’ll develop a step-by-step plan to address your current learning challenges in future studies.

    You will explore how assistive technology can support your goals, and meet with Beacon’s Career Development staff at least three times during the semester to develop an inventory of your strengths, interests, and potential career paths.

Become Part of Our Living and Learning Community

As a fully matriculated student at Beacon College, you will participate in the College’s programming, services, and student life experiences, fashioned and oriented specifically for you as a unique learner.

More Information and Referrals

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