Beacon Academy Partnership Opportunities

Employers struggle to find talent while approximately 800,000 Floridian high school graduates with a disability are unemployed. Beacon Academy aims to bridge that gap with a focused and adapted program for people with disabilities, transforming “unemployable” to certified cybersecurity analysts in less than 12 months. By becoming a partner or sponsor, you receive employer access to an untapped talent pool of highly skilled, motivated individuals prepared for an exceptional career in information technology. After nine months of detailed classroom, lab and self-study, qualifed students are matched with an internship for real-world experience.

Beacon Academy, focused on the Orlando area, is one of many “Bridge Academy” programs that have been successfully implemented in the U.S. and Europe. To learn more about the employment gap that this program addresses as well as partner academy outcomes, visit the Bridge to Opportunity website.

If you are interested in a potential partnership, please contact Steve Muller at or 352-801-0064.

“These are some of our best employees. The benefits to [our company] are far greater than people realize. They bring an attitude, approach to the customer, and empathy for the customer… that is a real asset for us.” – Partner Academy Employer

How can organizations get involved?

Internships or Employment Opportunities

We seek employers to provide network security internships or apprenticeships to certified graduates upon program completion.

Program Sponsorship

Organizations can provide sponsorships, scholarships or other funding to help us provide this program tuition-free to qualified candidates.

Refer Student Candidates

Perhaps you know someone who would be a good fit for your organization if they had the knowledge and experience for the role. Or perhaps you have friends or family members who would be a good fit.

The typical Academy graduate…

Program candidates come from all walks of life and have diverse ability differences. Some are veterans, some are recently out of high school and more yet have had some college or past workforce experience — all are smart, capable adults looking for a chance.
A typical Acdemy graduate:

  • Is between the ages of 18-35
  • Has some college experience
  • Is skilled in technology, math and problem-solving
  • Is certified in information technology
  • Is prepared for employment as a network security analyst, information security analyst, cybersecurity analyst or similar roles

Meaningful Jobs & Career Potential

Today there are over 63,000 open network security analyst roles in the U.S., and the need for skilled candidates is only growing. We prepare our students for these roles by providing the technical training, personal development, and hands-on experience for immediate employability.

Globally Recognized CCNA Certification

Our objective is for each candidate to achieve certification as a Cisco Certified Network Associates (CCNA) with cybersecurity expertise. Our nine-month training program followed by a three-month internship prepares candidates for the workforce in less than one year.

Skilled, Motivated Candidates

Interested candidates must have a documented disability, an HS diploma or GED by May 2021 in order to apply and compete for a seat in the training program. Individuals must have demonstrable interest in technology and ideally 10th grade math and reading comprehension, and these skills are assessed prior to entry.

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