Steps For Success

Career Development Model-Oct2020

Four Year Career Development Model

  • Year 1 ~ Self-Discovery

    YEAR 1: Learning Essentials ~ Self-Discovery

    Self discovery

    • Visit the Juan & Lisa Jones Center for Career Preparation and explore its services and resources.
    • Use your CliftonStrengths for Students (formerly StrengthsQuest) to assist in developing and exploring your gifts.
    • Develop a list of your transferable skills.
    • Develop your leadership skills by joining clubs and attending outreach events.
    • Begin researching careers that interest you by using O-Net Online and other online tools.
    • Explore careers of interest and ask professors, learning specialists, and other professionals about their careers.
    • Seek opportunities to gain experience by volunteering, job shadowing, and participating in informational interviews.
    • Discover and apply for summer volunteer opportunities.
    • Complete at least one summer volunteer opportunity.
  • Year 2 ~ Self-Awareness

    YEAR 2: Career Exploration ~ College and Career Self-Awareness


    • Attend and complete Career Exploration Class: COE 2606.
    • Continue to develop your leadership skills, join clubs, and actively participate in on-campus events.
    • Take career assessments and start to explore different majors and careers.
    • Meet with a career development professor to discuss career assessment results and to identify related majors and careers.
    • Discover and develop career essentials, such as building a résumé, honing interview skills, and attending internships and workshops.
    • Develop personal and professional goals through job shadowing, volunteer opportunities, and internships.
    • Seek a leadership position in a campus organization.
    • Create a search plan for networking opportunities to gain experience with career panels, job fairs, and internet services.
    • Explore careers of interest, and seek further insight through volunteering, job shadowing, and informational interviews.
    • Attend Career Center events.
    • Acquire professional business attire for interviews.
    • Identify an internship.
    • Discover and apply for volunteer internships and employment opportunities.
  • Year 3 ~ Self-Marketing

    YEAR 3: Career Planning ~ Self-Marketing and Workplace


    • Attend and complete Career Planning class: COE 3606.
    • Develop self-marketing skills and other workplace competencies.
    • Attend workshops related to job search skills, such as interviewing and job search strategies.
    • Start networking with professionals in your field through membership in career-related roles and industries.
    • Engage with professional organizations through career panels, job fairs, and employer information sessions.
    • Research and create a list of the top five companies that match your interests and qualifications.
    • Develop a strong relationship with faculty in your major to find a mentor and potential reference.
    • Start researching graduate and professional schools and programs if you plan to continue your education.
    • Continue networking with employers through professional development opportunities, career panels, fairs, and employer information sessions.
    • Discover and apply for internship opportunities.
    • Reach out to alumni in your field.
    • Fulfill your first 40 hours of internship/field experience.
    • Acquire professional business attire for interviews.
    • Schedule and complete practice interview with the Juan & Lisa Jones Center for Career Preparation.
  • Year 4 ~ Career and Employment

    YEAR 4: Career Development ~ Career and Employment

    Plan Into Action

    • Attend and complete Career Development Class: COE 4606.
    • Develop a career action plan for your final year.
    • Complete professional portfolio, résumé, cover letter, and business cards.
    • Develop a list of references, and request letters of recommendations from faculty and others.
    • Update and finalize your online presence (i.e. LinkedIn profile, social media, etc.).
    • Discover and apply for five internships and five employment opportunities.
    • Attend career fairs and be prepared to promote qualifications to employers.
    • Apply to graduate or professional school early; and follow through on all the requirements.
    • Attend job search and other related workshops.
    • Fulfill your last 40 hours of internship/field experience.
    • Fulfill the entire 80-hour internship graduation requirement.
    • Acquire professional business attire for interviews.
    • Schedule and complete exit interview with Career Center.