Mission, Vision, and Values


The Boven Career Development Center supports and empowers students in developing requisite career-building knowledge, skills, and experiences using the career development models by which students discover their values, strengths, career interests, and work attitudes.


To assist students in becoming self-sufficient through a successful transition into the workplace guided by career assessments, goal setting, and internship opportunities.


The Boven Career Development Center commits to:

  1. Excellent and professional customer service
  2. Career and professional development
  3. Connecting education and careers
  4. Partnerships and collaboration with alumni, faculty, businesses, and organizations
  5. Welcoming, open, and inclusive environment
  6. Collaboration and innovation
  7. Empowering and engaging professional opportunities and relationships


At Beacon College, freshman students follow the four-year Career Development Model. They learn about their values, strengths, career interests, and work attitudes. The model’s next phase engages students in career exploration, options, and job-shadowing experiences. Through this, students explore different occupations in their chosen career field. By the third year, students work on goal setting with timelines, internships/field experiences with performance feedback, and workplace communication. In their senior year, students continue working on internships/field experiences, resume-building, interviewing skills, and job-search strategies. Our model contributes to a successful transition from college to the workplace or graduate school.