Success Services

There’s no single way to learn.

Beacon College exists to serve students who learn differently — those with diagnosed learning disabilities, dyslexia, ADHD and related conditions. We are deeply committed to helping our students succeed, so we provide highly individualized programs of study, tailored to the way each student learns best. This helps students find their own paths and become their own strongest advocates.

We gear our success services toward empowering our students to create positive social networks, guiding them to define the principles that govern their lives, defining what wellness means to them and preparing for lifelong learning.

Education Support Services

Writing CenterLearning support is built into every Beacon course.  All Beacon faculty are trained to understand how to meet students where they are, and each student is assigned to work with a skilled Learning Specialist. Additionally, Peer Tutors are available for most classes.

Student Support Services

CounselingGoing away to college requires significant adjustments for all students.  The experience is especially challenging for students who learn differently.  Away from the protective home environment — often for the very first time — students are faced with advocating for themselves, monitoring their own physical and mental health and developing their identities as adults.  Beacon provides a robust, yet flexible, framework with skilled professionals who offer ongoing counseling to our students.

Access to all Student Support Services is included in tuition; there are no additional charges for using these vital services.

Career Preparation

Beacon’s integrated, four-year career preparation program helps students explore their vocational interests and prepare for worthy work.

Learn your way.