Studio Arts

About the Major

  • Focus on creative expression through a variety of artistic practices.
  • Begin with a foundation of studio work and creative research.
  • Upper-level coursework relies on personal ingenuity, creative expression, and professional practices.
  • Studio Arts degree with Business Management concentration: Prepares students for careers as entrepreneurs or freelance artists.
  • Studio Arts degree with Web and Digital Media concentration: Prepares students for a wide-variety of personal marketing and community exposure.

Course Sampling

  • Stained Glass I and II: Learn introductory and advanced skills including glass cutting, soldering, and design.
  • Mixed Media: Experiment with a variety of materials to create exciting and engaging works of art.
  • Sculpture I, II and III: Emphasis on the history of sculpture and its relationship to contemporary art.
  • Career Development: Focuses on interviewing techniques, communication skills, and job searches, as well as current trends in the workplace. An internship is a component of this course.

About the Field

Bureau of Labor Statistics: “Studios, galleries, and individual clients are always on the lookout for artists who display outstanding talent, creativity, and style.”

Potential Careers

Common first jobs for Studio Arts majors: museum technical staffs, installation experts, assistant project coordinators, decorative painters, photography assistants, mural artists, package designers, and art instructors.