Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) and Associate of Arts (A.A.) in the Humanities

About the Major

The Humanities major prepares students for working and living in the twenty-first century through an interdisciplinary and comprehensive liberal arts examination of culture. Through the development of skills in the areas of reading, writing, and critical thinking, students examine values, ethics, and learn pertinent viewpoints to create meaningful interpretations.

Course Sampling

Global History – Examines the global history as well as the cultural, economic, and political history of international affairs and the interaction of Western ideas on the rest of the world.

Ethics – An introduction to the systematic analysis and development of sound inquiry and decision-making based on moral principles and theories, including the application to issues relevant to contemporary society.

Multicultural Diversity – A study of America from the historical perspectives of its diverse ethnic groups. Topics include racial and ethnic identity, gender identity, sexual identity, power and racism, and diversity awareness.

Senior Research Seminar – Students demonstrate knowledge, critical thinking, and communication skills reflecting the major in an extensive capstone paper.

Potential Careers

Many major companies are searching for candidates who have the ability to understand human dynamics, including cultural awareness, and who possess the skills needed in the areas of social and emotional intelligence. In addition, companies are seeking candidates who have the ability to think critically.

Technical Writer
Editor / Content Strategist
Content Marketing
Museum, Cultural, and Heritage Sites
Public Administration
Public Relations
Lobbyist / Politics

Minor Options