Michael S. Fallon

Michael Fallon

Business and Technology Department Coordinator
Instructor: Business Management

Joined Beacon: 2013

Educational Credentials
B.S., Florida Southern College: Business Administration
M.A., Webster University: Marketing
M.A., Webster University: Management & Leadership
M.S., Webster University: Environmental Management

How did you come to work with students who learn differently?
I first began working with students who learn differently during my first term at Beacon College. I worked with Dr. Chandler and Dr. Fleming on teaching techniques and curriculum design for learning differences before the class started, and learned 10 times more from the students. By the end of my first term at Beacon College, I tweaked my teaching style to best fit our students – and believe it or not, I learn from my students each and every term.

Domestic and international travel, home improvement (I’m a huge DIY enthusiast), and personal fitness.