Mary-Anne Primack

Mary-Anne Primack

Assistant Professor
Humanities and General Education

Joined Beacon: 2019

Educational Credentials

A.A., Santa Fe College: Education
B.S., Florida State University: English Education
M.S., Florida State University: English Education
Ed.S, University of Florida: Educational Leadership
Ed.D, University of Florida: Educational Leadership

How did you come to work with students who learn differently? 

The first year of my teaching career began in a school funded by the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice designed to serve as an alternative to incarceration for female youth. My experience in the program gave me working knowledge of traumainformed practices and culturally responsive pedagogy. My subsequent years of researching, mentoring and teaching students from generational poverty who are the first in their family to pursue college profoundly impacts my instructional practice and informs my perspective on social equity. Serving neurodiverse college students has further developed my social equity perspective and provides me with experience implementing practices that celebrate a wider range of human intelligence.


I enjoy teaching yoga at Beacon and in my private practice, playing in a West African ensemble, and parenting my toddler.