Gretchen Dreimiller

Instructor – English

Joined Beacon: 2012

Educational Credentials
MA English & American Literature, Boston College
BA English, Wingate University

How did you come to work with students who learn differently?
I first started working with students who learn differently when I began my career at Beacon College as the assistant to the Vice President of Academic Affairs. In that capacity, I was able to learn about learning differences and actually help with research into our specific population. In my next role as Director of Communications, I heard many students’ experiences firsthand and was able to share their stories through different media channels. Now as an instructor I am able to take all my previous learning through my various positions well as formal training and apply it in the classroom.

Reading; outdoor activities such as walking, swimming, and boating; watching movies; traveling; visiting museums and cultural areas of interest

Gretchen Dreimiller