Investing, Not Testing

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In a recent piece for The Huffington Post, Beacon President George J. Hagerty reviews fifty years of education policy that has attempted to create a level playing field for students with a variety of disabilities – including learning disabilities. Looking at the growing popularity of outcome assessments, Dr. Hagerty questions the value of standardized testing […]

Education for Living

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George Hagerty - Life Abundant

The Beacon promise goes beyond providing a superior undergraduate education; it’s about preparing students to live a life that is fun, challenging and rich with meaning.  In this short video, Beacon President Dr. George J. Hagerty introduces the concept of “the life abundant” and the seven elements that comprise it.

Beacon Fosters Success

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Beacon College Graduate

According to an article on, Beacon’s success rate with students who learn differently (those with diagnosed learning disabilities, dyslexia, ADHD, etc.) is nothing short of extraordinary. The article speaks to students about their experiences prior to entering college, at other undergraduate institutions and at Beacon. It then reviews some of the key issues in […]

Fit for Success

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According to Dr. George J. Hagerty, “There is a significant distance for most students and families between the promise of American special education and the reality of our outcomes.” Dr. Hagerty presents this viewpoint in “Parents, Education – and Students Who Learn Differently,” a blog feature on In the piece, Dr. Hagerty discusses the […]

Beacon Students

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The mission of Beacon College is to offer Associate of Arts and Bachelor of Arts degrees to students with learning disabilities and ADHD. Learning disabilities (LDs) affect how a person learns to read, write, hear, speak, and calculate. An LD is essentially an unexplained difficulty in acquiring academic skills for someone of average or above […]