Student Health Insurance

Verification of health insurance must be submitted upon enrollment and annually for all students. When submitting the required forms and documentation, please remember to include a copy, front and back, of your insurance card. Please be sure to put the date on the copy of your student’s insurance card.

All medical expenses incurred by students are the responsibility of the individual student.  It is therefore required that all students carry health insurance.

Please be aware that if you are insured by an HMO (Health Maintenance Organization), you might not be covered for non-emergency services while on campus and outside the plan network.  We urge you to contact your plan administrator for details on your coverage.  Also, some health plans are PPOs (Preferred Provider Organization) and require that you use “preferred” clinicians for off campus care that you might require while attending Beacon College.  Your plan administrator can provide you with a list of the providers for Leesburg, FL and surrounding areas.

Please let us know right away if you have no insurance coverage, as we are able to provide you with insurance options through the American College Student Association (ACSA)