Office of the President


Welcome to Beacon College. Becoming part of our community will transform your life by giving meaning and expression to personal and academic goals, some of which you may never have thought possible.

As a community of higher education, we are the best at what we do. One merely has to consider the history and legacy of Beacon College to realize that this institution knows and embraces its educational purpose, lives its collegiate mission daily, and seeks always to improve upon the student experience.

Recognizing that quality education must also be affordable, Beacon has purposefully maintained a tuition and fee schedule that is highly competitive in the arena of private higher education. This combination has garnered media attention in recent years with respect to our academic quality, undergraduate mission, and student outcomes.

As testimony, the most recent publication of the highly regarded survey of “best value” colleges and universities compiled by ValuePenguin ranks Beacon College first among private colleges and universities in Florida. This is a particularly noteworthy achievement for our community, as the ValuePenguin survey measures the rate of return on the financial investment made in a college education by students and families.

We are the first accredited baccalaureate institution of higher learning devoted exclusively to the education of students with learning disabilities, ADHD, and other specialized learning issues. The outcomes and measurable success of this singular dedication of providing our students with a rigorous, regionally accredited undergraduate preparation are consequential.

Our outcomes not only surpass significantly the national average for students with LD and ADHD but also eclipse the national averages for bachelor’s degree students as a whole. Beacon’s four-year graduation rate of 76% for students who learn differently is incomparable in American higher education. Equally noteworthy are the results for our degree recipients: more than eight-of-ten of our graduates are employed or pursue advanced (graduate) study immediately upon receiving their degree. The recent introduction of a four-year career development model is designed to further strengthen our already considerable career programming options and their associated outcomes for our students.

With all that Beacon College has achieved in a quarter century, the most telling feature of the College’s storyline resides in the community of devoted educators who continue to implement new strategies and programs to enhance the Beacon experience. (See the table: Lumen Vitae Abundantiorem: Fulfilling Beacon’s Promise and Destiny). Here, you will discover an intimate and supportive community that will challenge and empower you in higher education.

And so, with the entire Beacon community, I welcome you to our website, and invite you to explore the possibilities that our College offers. We invite you to experience Beacon for yourself to truly understand and appreciate our community. We would be delighted to meet you personally, and encourage you to visit with us on campus.


George Hagerty, Ed.D.
President of Beacon College