The Beacon COMPASS Program

A 4-week program of self-discovery, academic exploration and TOEFL preparation

International Students

For university-bound international high school students and recent graduates with learning disabilities, ADHD or other learning differences

The Beacon COMPASS Program has been developed for talented and motivated students who aspire to attend university, but who struggle in traditional academic settings. It will expose students to a new way of looking at themselves, the learning experience, and the world around them.

COMPASS students will be accompanied by international instructors and mentors and will serve as their chaperones at all times — traveling with them to Beacon, living in the campus residence hall and accompanying them to any off-campus activities.

Program Details and Application

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This program features five core elements that will help students navigate the learning process and develop ways to achieve their academic potential.

  1. The Foundation Of Self-Discovery
  2. Academic Exploration
  3. A Preview Of Campus Life
  4. Studying In The U.S.A. — The Florida Experience!
  5. Post-Program Follow Up

1) The Foundation Of Self-Discovery

During the program’s initiation, COMPASS students will:

  • Be introduced to various learning styles
  • Learn to identify their own learning strengths and weaknesses
  • Explore specific learning strategies in reading, writing, speaking and note taking
  • Try out some assistive learning technologies that can enhance organization, writing and communication
  • Develop techniques to become more effective learners

The insights and understanding that students gain about themselves and their personal learning style during the first week of the COMPASS Program will serve as the foundation for their entire learning experience at Beacon.

2) Academic Exploration

Photoshop studentsIn the COMPASS Program, students will explore a variety of academic disciplines. All classes will feature university-level content so students can experience the increased workload and diverse teaching styles found at most universities.

Continuous student feedback guides the learning process. All Beacon faculty members are trained and proficient in meeting the needs of students who learn differently, with expertise in experiential learning, assessment design, and use of assistive technology and different learning models.

Interactive classes will include:

  • Learning Essentials & Self-Discovery Writing Fundamentals
  • Reading Across the Curriculum
  • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) Applications or Basic Mathematics
  • Florida Science with a focus on Applied Research

A Special TOEFL Focus

A core part of Beacon’s COMPASS Experience will be the integration of occasional TOEFL preparation in all academic and extra curricular activities. The program will focus on building student skills in the four areas measured by the TOEFL exam — listening, speaking, writing and reading.

These skills will be stressed in all academic classes. Additionally, students may be able to attend official TOEFL classes, where they will engage in practice tests and formal instruction in reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.

3) A Preview Of Campus Life

Beacon StudentsOne of the most important features of the Beacon COMPASS Program is the opportunity it affords students to experience “life on campus” and the mature responsibilities they’ll face as independent young adults.

Working with an on-site Life Coach, students will learn essential independent living skills for college success —from how to do laundry to comparison shopping for groceries.

While, in addition to a highly qualified staff, a chaperone will guide and monitor students throughout their stay, each student will be encouraged to develop and exercise such critical skills as good study habits and strong time management and organizational skills.

Students will live in apartment-style housing, which includes in-unit washers and dryers, cable and high-speed Internet service, and fitness center.

The Village Apartments are within easy walking distance to all college buildings, as well as the city’s lakefront parks and public bike path. Meals will be served in the “Chopping Block,” the main campus dining hall.

Special areas will be available for student reflection and quiet time. Students will also engage in a variety of relaxing and fun extracurricular activities.

While Beacon College is located in a safe and comfortable hometown environment, the campus enjoys the added protection of a 24-hour security staff.

4) Studying In The U.S.A. — The Florida Experience!

Florida is known as “the Sunshine State;” its warm climate, diverse cultures and spectacular landscapes have made it the top educational destination for more than 30,000 international students who currently study here.

As part of the COMPASS Program, students will be visiting some of the state’s distinctive settings. Among the areas being considered for visits are:

  • Kennedy Space Center
  • Historic St. Augustine
  • Florida’s World Class Beaches
  • Orlando attractions (Disney World, Epcot Center, SeaWorld, Universal Studios)

5) Post-Program Follow Up

Each COMPASS student will be provided with a cognitive assesment evaluation that will include a personal learning assessment and suggestions on ways to promote greater academic success.

More Info and Program Application

Download the brochure | Download the application