Beacon College possesses a special legacy in the arena of American and international higher education: we are the first undergraduate institution accredited to offer the competitive four-year baccalaureate degree exclusively to students with learning disabilities, ADHD, and other learning differences.

This is an exciting time in the history of Beacon College. Our current enrollment is 220 students, which represents a 20% increase over the previous year. The undergraduate population is the largest since the College’s founding a mere twenty-five years ago.

We are undergoing targeted growth with an expectation of doubling the student population over the course of the next five-to-seven academic years. In so doing, Beacon is devoted to maintaining the mission and vision of our founders, that of affording our students a rigorous and competitive undergraduate preparation that incorporates the personalized support, attention, and career focus that are the foundations of our extraordinary and unduplicated student outcomes.

Assuredly, the current expansion among our undergraduate population advances our community’s impact upon and reach to young men and women with learning disabilities, ADHD, and other learning differences. It also calls for an increase in the resources necessary for their education and the continued development of the campus that serves as their “academic home.”

When you give to the College in any way, you are helping to further this singular legacy and mission. Providing Beacon students with the distinct academic programs, and the career and life orientation that we integrate with them, is more important now than ever as our undergraduates prepare for a boundless and productive future in their professional and civic lives.

Your generosity influences in a meaningful way our students by providing scholarships, crating campus spaces for teaching and learning, as well as supporting vital academic programs, co-curricular and career offerings, and professional support services. Each of these efforts tangibly enhances the quality, impact, and scope of the “Beacon Experience” and furthers our enduring legacy.

Please join us in furthering the mission of Beacon College and influencing the education and lives of our students.

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Beacon AmazonSmileBeacon College is pleased to be participating in the AmazonSmile program. Do you shop Amazon? If so, you can help support Beacon College through the AmazonSmile program.

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