Valentine’s Day Musings

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For years now I’ve been indecisive as to my opinion about Valentine’s Day. I come from a traditional family in the sense that all holidays were paid attention to and it was a custom to participate in Valentine’s when able (read: in a relationship). But I’ve also been exposed to the other side of the […]

SGA Celebrates Valentine’s Day

| Valentine's Day

SGA joined with Art Club to create cards for Valentine’s Day. On the 13th, members of SGA were available in the Chopping Block the entire day, taking orders for flowers and other themed goodies to be distributed on Valentine’s Day. At $3 a piece, this was a good deal, and the students took full advantage […]

Valentine’s Day Statistics

| Valentine's Day

For a fun assignment in Computer Applications class, Dr. Fleming had his students create graphs using statistics on Valentine’s Day. Here are a few examples of the results (from students Phillip Tagariello, Nicolas Patino, and Brett Daly):

My Paramour

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My desire and hunger for you grows stronger Like a famished vampire yearning for blood. Day after day I lust for you with primal hunger Like a ravenous lioness ripping out the raw flesh of its prey. Night after night longing for your sensual taste, My desire building like a scorching volcano On the brink […]

Singles Awareness Day

| Valentine's Day

      This blog is for the single ladies. Happy Singles Awareness Day!  If you are dreading February fourteenth, simply because it reminds  you that you are alone, STOP; it doesn’t HAVE to be that way.  Instead of drowning your sorrows in chocolate and chick flicks, try  throwing a party! Gather round all ye singletons and […]


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Mend these broken wings and let my voice rise up to sing! I’ve been spending way to long hiding in the shadows. I am not a nobody; though it’s all I previously aspired to be. I want the world to see me be free. These shackles have held me down for too long and I […]

Valentine’s Day Advice for the Fellas

| Valentine's Day

This blog is for the fellas. This is just general advice. Every girl and relationship is different and only you and your partner know what you personally like. If you are out of ideas, though, this should hopefully help. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and by now you already have some romantic plan […]

Writing Center Valentines Party

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Last night, Matt Bernard, Josh Shusterman, Braden Walter, Eric Lindquist, Dustin Opper, Heather Reed, Jennie Friedman, Skye Jackson, Carly Eisenstein, Justin Campbell, and Melissa Helfand-Pestella attended the Valentines Party in the Writing Center! Everyone had a blast eating Valentines treats, making Valentines, and listening to romantic oldies!