Techniques for Handling Stress in Times of Chaos

| Counseling, Tips & Suggestions

We all feel the effects of stress from time to time. Life’s circumstances often feel overwhelming and beyond our ability to fix. When (not if) this happens, it is important to have a game plan in order to deal with our stress appropriately. If we work the plan we can alleviate the stress rather than […]

Pressed With Stress

| Student Perspective, Tips & Suggestions

Life has no road map. Sometimes we go through life blindly, not knowing much of anything, just trying to figure it out along the way. Whether it be relationships, family, or school, after awhile it all becomes overwhelming, and we feel like there is no escape. Sometimes the burdens of life become so heavy that […]

Tips for Working on College Papers

| Peer Mentoring, Tips & Suggestions

As papers are starting to be assigned for the spring semester, it’s easy to become overwhelmed about getting the work done. Fortunately, having a plan will help guarantee a smooth writing process.   Here are some tips to get you started to paper writing success:   Start early– Starting your work the day that it’s […]

Tips for College Success

| Student Perspective, Tips & Suggestions

Tips to be Successful at Beacon: Avoid Procrastination – Some, like myself, procrastinate to the very last day. There are different reasons for this, but I think all can agree it’s best to find a system to avoid procrastinating altogether. Give yourself deadlines. Although your paper may not be due until next Wednesday, give yourself the deadline […]

Tips for Those Overwhelmed by “Free Time”

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In your first year of college you may be overwhelmed by just how much “free time” you have. I still remember the luxury of daily afternoon naps my freshmen year (every day at 2pm). Teachers and family members warn you all through your senior year of high school that college will be different, that it […]