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Lunch with Dr. Prindle

April 18, 2011

On Thursday, April 14th, Ms. Le and Writing Center Peer Consultants Braden Walter and Dustin Opper had lunch with Dr. Prindle! Here is what Dustin wrote about the experience: Interview with Dr. Prindle Dr. Prindle was originally a teacher’s administrator, when one day an epiphany changed his direction and made it evident to him that […]

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LAST NIGHT: Beacon Memories I

April 14, 2011

Yale Katz, Braden Walter, Chase Richards, Laura Butler, Carly Eisenstein, Shawn Bramley, Carolyn Shea, Dustin Opper, and a special guest, Dustin’s cousin Todd, hung out in the Writing Center for the first of three Beacon Memories Nights! Here are some memories that were shared: Yale Katz: A Beacon College memory of mine is becoming Treasurer […]

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1945 by Yale Katz

March 24, 2011

Last night, Yale Katz shared his story “1945” with us in the Writing Center! Here is an excerpt: If you wanted to find a way to learn more about your past or your family’s past, how would you do it? Would you go through records? Would you ask your parents? There are quite a few […]

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Ms. Patestides’ Favorite Dessert by Allison Lau

February 15, 2011

Beacon student Allison Lau interviewed Instructor and Learning Specialist Ms. Michele Patestides on what her favorite dessert is. Here is what she discovered! Ms. Patestides’ favorite dessert is chocolate layer mousse cake. She likes to eat it on special occasions, for example, on birthdays. There is no special meaning behind her enjoyment of chocolate layer […]

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Dr. Stowe’s Personal Hero by Dustin Opper

February 10, 2011

Dustin Opper interviewed Beacon professor, Dr. Kirk Stowe, on his personal hero. Here is what he discovered: Dr. Stowe joined the Beacon College family in the Fall semester of 2009. Ever since, Beacon has been well-endowed with vast scientific knowledge. However, how did the man behind the science gain his knowledge and find his way […]

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Alex Blankenship’s Personal Hero by EB Newlon

February 9, 2011

EB Newlon interviewed fellow Beacon student, Alex Blankenship on his personal hero. Here is what she discovered: Alex Blankenship’s hero is his father, Wayne Blankenship. Alex discovered his dad as a hero when Alex was ten-years-old. Some characteristics that Alex admires about Mr. Blankenship are that he is encouraging, knows what he wants and gets […]

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Khiry Washington for SGA

February 7, 2011

Beacon student Khiry Washington wrote a letter in support of creating a Student Government Association. Here it is! My name is Khiry Washington. I have been a student here for the past two semesters, and I am majoring in Human Services. I came here hoping to be heard in a way that I haven’t before […]

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To My Vampire Love by Alex Sweet

February 3, 2011

My vampire love, how I miss your auburn hair, which is like a fire that flares. I miss your flowery scent, that I sadly must dissent. I miss your ghostly pale flesh, that at times I desire, and not devour. I miss the way you want my blood, like a child wants candy. However, you […]

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Writing Center Workshop: Love Stories

Yale Katz, EB Newlon, Carolyn Shea, Jennie Friedman, Jeffrey Zysman, Heather Reed, Dustin Opper, Braden Walter, Katie West, and Eric Lindquist shared love stories, lyrics, and poems while making Valentines during the Love Stories Workshop in the Writing Center!!! More photos from this workshop can be found on the Writing Center’s Facebook Page. These were […]

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Getting Accepted into Pi Phi Psi by Carly Eisenstein

January 31, 2011

I was a little nervous at first because I thought I wasn’t going to get accepted into the sorority. After I got a letter saying that I was accepted into Pi Phi Psi, I was really happy and excited. It took a lot of hard work to get accepted into the sorority. All of that […]

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