To My Vampire Love by Alex Sweet

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My vampire love, how I miss your auburn hair, which is like a fire that flares. I miss your flowery scent, that I sadly must dissent. I miss your ghostly pale flesh, that at times I desire, and not devour. I miss the way you want my blood, like a child wants candy. However, you […]

Writing Center Workshop: Love Stories

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Yale Katz, EB Newlon, Carolyn Shea, Jennie Friedman, Jeffrey Zysman, Heather Reed, Dustin Opper, Braden Walter, Katie West, and Eric Lindquist shared love stories, lyrics, and poems while making Valentines during the Love Stories Workshop in the Writing Center!!! More photos from this workshop can be found on the Writing Center’s Facebook Page. These were […]

Getting Accepted into Pi Phi Psi by Carly Eisenstein

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I was a little nervous at first because I thought I wasn’t going to get accepted into the sorority. After I got a letter saying that I was accepted into Pi Phi Psi, I was really happy and excited. It took a lot of hard work to get accepted into the sorority. All of that […]

Girls' Night by Carly Eisenstein

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I had fun at girls’ night on Friday the 21st. The time that girls’ night started was at 6:00 pm and it took place in the Lake Square Mall and at Friendly’s. The people who were there are Kristen, Hannah, Katie, Katelin, EB, Marissa, Ashley Fogg, Ashley C., Andrea, Blair, Angel, Julie, Kelly Hickman, Sandi […]

Beacon College Organizations and Clubs Fair by Katie West

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The event that I am writing about, the Beacon College Organizations and Clubs Fair, took place on Friday, January 28th. The clubs and organizations that were there were Cheerleading, Domestic Abuse Stops Here, Theater Goers Club, Walking Club, Improv Club, Art Club, Adventure Club, Fishing Club, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Beacon Buzz/Writing Center, Role-Playing Club, […]

Peace River Trip by Katie West

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The event that I am writing about took place Friday, January 21- Sunday, January 23. It took place along Peace River. The people who were there were Braden, Dustin, Khiry, James, Chase, Mel, Katie, Sam, Rebecca, Ray, David, Carolyn, Cassandra, Eric, Maria, her two son’s John and Jerry, and Meli the dog. We went canoeing […]

Camping Trip by Samantha Healy

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The event that I attended was the camping trip. It took place this past weekend, January 21-23. The people that were at this event were Rebecca, Mel, Carolyn, Cass, Dustin, James, Chase, Braden, Khiry, David Roberts, Ray, Alex Sweet, Ray, Maria, and Maria’s sons and dog. The weekend started out great and everyone was having […]

New Student: Rebecca Rasmussen

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This week, student journalist Carly Eisenstein welcomed one of our new students, Rebecca Rasmussen, to Beacon! Here is what she discovered in an interview with Rebecca: Rebecca Rasmussen is a freshman here at Beacon College. She is from Staten Island, NY, and now lives in Titusville, FL. She has a younger brother and no sisters. […]