Beacon Club Spotlight: Soccer Club

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Soccer Club began last year and quickly became popular with both staff and students at Beacon College. On Wednesday evenings, the players assemble for a quick lesson and warm-up, followed by a friendly scrimmage. Oftentimes, the game progresses until it’s too late to see the ball anymore. While the highlight of the semester is the end […]

Beacon Club Spotlight: Pride Alliance

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Beacon College Pride Alliance began on campus during the fall semester, after a lapse of a few years. Originally initiated on campus in 2010, this organization has received a resurgence due to high student interest.   The Pride Alliance organization is aimed at promoting tolerance on college communities across the nation. Students Shia Byers, Michael […]

Halloween Fun Reaches Beacon Early

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Friday night was in full swing for the ‘80s themed Halloween Party. The themed dinner consisted of puking pumpkins, mummy dogs, ghost and ghoul puff pastry casserole, and wormed filled dirt dessert. No one left without a smile on his or her face, even if it was painted on. The tables were creatively decorated with […]

Tai Chi at Beacon College

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Students, faculty, and staff join together to learn an ancient form of body movement capable of simultaneously improving focus, relaxing the mind, and strengthening coordination and balance.  Recent research shows that tai Chi is a beneficial practice that can bolster the immune system and dramatically reduce stress. The 24 posture simplified form of tai chi […]

Friday Night Spent Playing Laser Tag

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The students of Beacon College headed out for pizza, putt-putt golf, and laser tag last Friday night. After arriving at Glow in One Golf in Leesburg,everyone filled up on pepperoni and cheese pizza before playing enough laser tag to burn off all those calories. A few students opted to play Putt-Putt golf, and several students […]