Performance Club Disney Show

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The Performance Club show took place on Friday, April 17th at the Tropic Theater in downtown Leesburg. Long term members Sal Attardo, Brian Kaminski, and Brandon Reeves will all be graduating this year, making the event that much more memorable and meaningful. The theme for this semester’s show was Disney. Talents ranging from singing to […]

Beacon Club Spotlight: Soccer Club

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Soccer Club began last year and quickly became popular with both staff and students at Beacon College. On Wednesday evenings, the players assemble for a quick lesson and warm-up, followed by a friendly scrimmage. Oftentimes, the game progresses until it’s too late to see the ball anymore. While the highlight of the semester is the end […]

Beacon Club Spotlight: Pride Alliance

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Beacon College Pride Alliance began on campus during the fall semester, after a lapse of a few years. Originally initiated on campus in 2010, this organization has received a resurgence due to high student interest.   The Pride Alliance organization is aimed at promoting tolerance on college communities across the nation. Students Shia Byers, Michael […]

Spring Performance

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The Performance Club put on a fantastic show this past Friday, April 18. There were a variety of acts including singing, acting, and a few instrumentalists. Musical styles ranged greatly, so there was something for everyone to appreciate and enjoy. At times, people in the crowd even started singing along to those catchy pop songs. […]

Foamy Fun

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On Friday, March 28 the SGA hosted the 2nd foam party for all Beacon students. The first ever foam party occurred about three years ago in August as a welcome back celebration. It was a big hit, so SGA decided to host a second one this year, and many students have been requesting one for […]

To the Island one last time

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I’m up and ready to go by 3:45am. We needed to catch the ferry by 9am.  Three hours in the van and one hour on the ferry and I was in heaven watching the sun set over Cayo Coast State park.   Tent pitched and fire on I relaxed and thought of all the other […]

The Thrill of the Wilderness

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    Many of the students at Beacon College seek the thrill of leaving the comforts of campus and escaping to nature. Our camping trips are always an extraordinary experience that consists almost entirely of returning campers. The last camping trip was February 16-18, and we went to an island in Georgia known as Jekyll […]

Attending MegaCon

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MegaCon, the annual comic book convention, was held at the Orange County Convention Center this past weekend. Several students set out to this event on March 16th and had so much fun that they wanted to share their experiences. The dates are set for 2014, and it’s safe to say these students have already penciled […]