The Parish Soul

The Parish Soul In the dark of night his footsteps echo through the empty streets, Breaking the silence as he looks down to his shadow that follows with each step. His heart filled with pain and sadness never feeling loves gentle touch, never feeling the warmth of a lover’s hand. The dark night fills his […]

Nefarious Doubts

Nefarious Doubts Oblivion be risen grace be fall, the thought of reality was what I thought of it all. The view of control obliges my direction the strings attached are no more but an illusion. The tsunami burdens doubts in denial. The storm still builds and thrills. The plague is unleashed we stand robust but […]

Woke Up This Morning

Woke up this morning to the morning sun The day is over and world is being devoward by night. It’s time to stop and turn towards being a man. Nothing to hold you back, just a helping hand from your family. Beauty everywhere but where is the warmth of a women Don’t stop tell the […]

I Know

I know what I knowI see what I see That’s what people don’t get I walk around listening to music all day Having people think I really don’t care Not realizing I know what’s going on. I know what I know I see what I see That’s what people don’t get Because I stay to […]

Students Introduced to Spoken Poetry

         On Saturday, February 23rd, spoken poet Khary Jackson performed for a small group of Beacon College students, staff, and friends. The intimate setting afforded Mr. Jackson an opportunity to explain the dynamics of spoken poetry and to encourage students to work on their own forms of creative expression.      Before beginning the set, Mr. Jackson […]

My Paramour

My desire and hunger for you grows stronger Like a famished vampire yearning for blood. Day after day I lust for you with primal hunger Like a ravenous lioness ripping out the raw flesh of its prey. Night after night longing for your sensual taste, My desire building like a scorching volcano On the brink […]


Mend these broken wings and let my voice rise up to sing! I’ve been spending way to long hiding in the shadows. I am not a nobody; though it’s all I previously aspired to be. I want the world to see me be free. These shackles have held me down for too long and I […]

The Exit Sign by EB Newlon

Woken up with a loud bang. The earth shakes and quivers. I hear a loud roar and rumble just outside. As I wake up with a start, I see dust and debris coming down on me. Then I see a huge monster with skin an onyx black with jagged teeth. Tearing at my house, it […]

Burying The Castle by Alex Sweet

I’m burying the castle, to escape a world of lies I’m burying memories, to relieve me of my hate I’m burying my fantasy, for most of it may never come true anyway I’m burying the rain, to stop the tears I’m burying my past, to become more sane I’m burying many of my creations, to […]