Beacon College Orientation Program

Orientation acts as the official start of First Year Experience. This program is designed to introduce new students to the Beacon College environment and community, guaranteeing that they will adjust quickly to this new setting and be aware of the expectations and services provided by the College. Orientation lasts the first two days after students have arrived on campus. A preliminary schedule is provided to students and their families before arrival at Beacon, and a final schedule is given at check-in.

Plan Ahead
Orientation for new students entering Spring 2017 will be held January 14-15, 2017.  More information will be provided at the time of enrollment.

What to Expect

  • Create your schedule for Support Services
  • Check-in to your Residence Hall
  • Register your vehicle and obtain a parking pass
  • Attend various information sessions
  • Become a member of the Beacon College Community

Connect with Other Students

Join our Google+ community that was created specifically for incoming students. Orientation Leaders regularly monitor and post on the page, so it’s a good place to ask any questions and to meet both current and new students.

Orientation 2016 Sponsors

  • Cutrale
  • LifeStream
  • STYLE_magazine-logo

After Orientation

First Year Experience

First Year Experience is a program series intended to address the unique needs of First Year Students at Beacon College. The series is a compelling and interactive time for First Year Students to bond through the shared experience of their first year of college. Each program, hosted by various professional staff members at Beacon College, will include learning that is informational and experiential and creates a space for First Year Students to:

  • Build connections with one another.
  • Become acclimated to the culture of higher education.
  • Be introduced to programs and services that support their holistic learning and development.
  • Be introduced to ideas and concepts vital to a healthy transition.

All first year students should attend each session within the program series to make the most of their Beacon College experience.