Counseling Services

Our on-site counseling center offers a variety of services for currently enrolled students to assist with the management of personal challenges and the demands of college life.

Professional counselors provide a safe, confidential place to discuss concerns or problems interfering with personal growth and academic achievement. Counselors provide counseling and psychotherapy to work toward the resolution of difficulties and facilitate improved functioning within the areas of targeted concern. Counseling services are voluntary, though all First Year Students are required to attend at least three sessions during their first semester. All sessions are confidential and free of charge. Our counselors take great care in accommodating individual or specific learning needs during sessions.

In addition to providing individual services to students, counselors also offer various groups and workshops throughout the year, which reflect the needs of the current student body. Past groups have included: Social Skills, Assertive Communication, Transition Group, Women’s Issues, Men’s Issues, and Drug and Alcohol Education. Workshops offered recently include: Conflict Resolution, Stress Management, Time Management, Food and Mood, and Healthy Relationships/Healthy Sex.


Our Counselors

SONY DSC Josh Grover, Director of Counseling
Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Phone: 352-638-9733
SONY DSC Sandi Webster
Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Phone: 352-638-9766
SONY DSC Dana Manzo
Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Phone: 352-638-9751



Counseling at the Beacon College Counseling Center is most effective when a student can be direct and honest with a counselor, without fear that personal information will be shared.

Counselors do not release information about a student without the student’s written permission, except as directed by Florida law: in cases of imminent danger to self or others, child/elder abuse, or by court order.  Notations of counseling are not part of a student’s college records and are, therefore, not subject to FERPA regulations.

Students utilizing counseling services should gain a basic understanding of their rights and responsibilities.  All students are asked to read, sign, and return the Informed Consent Form.


Information for Parents and Families of Students

 A Word for Parents


Scheduling Appointments

Students can schedule appointments by calling or visiting our office.  Counseling Center staff offer flexible office hours, which are generally 8:30 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. Monday – Friday; however, weekend appointments and “walk-in” sessions are offered depending on counselor availability.

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