Educational Support Services

Beacon offers a highly individualized program of study where each student can expect to be taught in a way s/he learns best. Continuous student feedback guides the learning process. All Beacon faculty members are trained and proficient in meeting the needs of students who learn differently, with expertise in experiential learning, assessment design, and use of assistive technology and different learning models.

Outside the classroom, skilled learning specialists provide one-on-one academic support, working with student to create a personalized plan to enhance their academic skills and become better, more effective learners.

Other academic support services include Beacon’s Robert & Jane Weiner Writing Center, Math Lab, and Peer Tutor Program, each of which offers individual support and attention.

These services assist students in identifying and working with personal strengths so every student can achieve his/her highest potential for intellectual and personal growth while developing the sufficiency necessary to succeed in college and in the workplace.

The Center for Student Success

The mission of the Beacon College Center for Student Success is to teach students the necessary skills to ensure success in their academics and in their future careers. The employees of the Center provide academic mentoring and accommodations for the students. Academic Mentoring is conducted within the Beacon College Center for Student Success and helps students succeed and reach their academic goals. Each Beacon College student receives one-on-one academic mentoring services that are designed to enhance his/her own academic performance and develop skills for lifelong learning. Learning specialists assist students in developing proven learning strategies through providing test-taking tips, note taking strategies, and critical thinking skills that promote academic success. The learning specialists also integrate the how-to-learn with the what-to-learn.

Learn more about the services offered at the Center for Student Success from Dr. Andrea Brode, Dean of Student Success

Additional Support Services Include: