Computer Info Systems

About the Major

The Computer Information Systems major at Beacon College teaches students how to create, collect, store, and use information to help make informed decisions in modern organizations. Students have the unique opportunity with the Computer Information Systems major at Beacon College to choose between two tracks.

Students can explore the creative side of technology by following the Web & Digital Media track. The Web & Digital Media track at Beacon College prepares students with comprehensive courses in design, graphics, advertising, Web site development, Web video, and media production. Projects focus on real world design solutions with a marketing approach.

Students whose interest lies in designing systems and managing information follow the Information Systems track. The Information Systems track emphasizes communication skills and strategies in learning concepts in the field. Students will exercise critical thinking in their learning process.


Course Sampling

Introduction to Assistive Technology – Students explore various technologies used to help make them competitive in the school and workplace

Introduction to Mobile Applications – Students apply their previous introductory programming to develop apps for the growing area of phones and tablets

Electronic Commerce – Students are exposed to the marketing end of the Internet. Students are given the practical experience of conducting business to raise money online

Digital Imaging with Photoshop – Students learn Adobe Photoshop and tap into their artistic potential with digital imaging technology

Web Design – Students utilize HTML, CSS, and Dreamweaver to design and program professional quality, user-friendly web sites

Digital Video – Students combine audio, video, and graphics to develop engaging digital video projects for the Web

Portfolio Seminar – In this capstone course, students investigate specific areas of the digital media industry, and assemble their work into a professional portfolio


About the Field

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics: “Employment of computer and information systems is expected to grow faster than the average for all occupations through the year 2016.”


Potential Careers

Beacon Students: Life After Graduation

  • Attending graduate school
  • Database Design
  • Database Manager for Accountant
  • Online Communications Support
  • Security Certifications
  • Assistive Technology in School System
  • Medical Records Clerk
  • Help Desk Operator
  • Federal Government Employee
  • Web Design
  • Advertising Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Digital Imaging
  • Publication Design
  • Digital Illustration
  • Photo Retouching
  • Digital Video/Audio Editing

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